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YAS California Homeless Support Project!

Through the month of October and start of November, YAS CA partnered with Compass Family Service to raise money and create kits for the homeless community in San Francisco, CA.

The kits contained the following materials; 2 water bottles, 2 masks, 1 pair of socks, 2 granola bars, and 1 bag of baby wipes, which then were distributed by Compass Family Service!

The team was able to raise $600 through donations on their GoFundMe, selling key-chains with Jumanji Bracelets, and activist themed-stickers on Redbubble!

(pictured left) Our YAS CA members and chapter leaders at Compass Family Service helping pack the kits! <3

(pictured right) All of the homeless support kits loaded up...

Each kit contained items packed by our team, specifically to help with a homeless individual's needs + a supportive message!

Great job to our YAS CA chapter and Compass Family Service for making this possible! This is only the beginning to many more volunteer and philanthropic projects from YAS. For more information check out the following links on how you can help further:

- YAS Team

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