Youth Activism Society started in Idaho, but we now have 5+ chapters and 40+ members! Below is our amazing team, which includes, chapter leaders, founders, national organizer, and executive director.

Alina Rahim

Co-Founder and National Director

Alina Rahim lives in South-East Idaho and is a junior attending Stanford University’s Online High School, she competes in fencing, tennis, and also plays the piano. She utilizes her free time outside of school to run and organize multiple projects in her local community. Alongside her projects outside of school, she has a passion for reading about philosophy, activism, medicine, filmmaking, and bioethics. Her passion for filmmaking and photography is leading her to produce and direct her own film. She plans to pursue a career in medicine and to continue advocating for change in our society, while producing films and documentaries. She hopes the youth-powered and youth-led organization will achieve their goal of creating change nationally by starting locally

Jeevet Kaur

Co-Chapter Leader California

Jeevet Kaur (known mostly by her friends by the name of Jeeves) is a rising junior at Stanford Online High School. She is an avid activist inside her school community, leading the debate club and taking student government roles in the hope of making a difference. Outside of her school, she engages locally with her Sikh neighborhood by teaching her religion and language at Sunday School. Because of her involvement in diverse communities, both inside and outside of school, she took an interest in healthcare initiatives, humanitarian crises, and fighting for equality for women and POC, which led her to Youth Activism Society. In the future, she hopes to take a strong role in legal studies and politics where she will continue fighting for what’s right.

Lexi Tabacu

Co-Chapter Leader California

Lexi Tabacu, a rising junior at Stanford Online High School, is an active member of her community and tries to spread the word and educate people on prevalent societal issues. Outside of school, she plays harp at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and pursues music in all forms. She has taken on numerous leadership roles in her school, that range from leading a club in Psychology & Philosophy and participating in Student Government. Her main passions include women’s rights, black lives matter, and, equal treatment for all, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. In the future, she will pursue either Neuroscience/Psychiatry and/or Business, and hopes to open her own private practice where she can offer mental health treatment for whoever needs it.

Sofi Leveratto

Chapter Leader  Utah

Sofi is the chapter leader for the YAS Utah chapter. She loves to be active and play many sports - such as; lacrosse, tennis, swimming, fencing, and her personal favorite, being a ski racer for team Snowbird. Sofi decided to join YAS because of her passion to help stop climate change, gun violence, and the deportation of innocent people.

Rachel Hu

Chapter Leader Michigan

Rachel is a junior attending Stanford Online High School and Northville High School. Rachel is a peer tutor and teaching assistant for numerous classes and a student ambassador. Outside of school, she is a competitive golfer and a huge advocate for educational justice.

Myra Khan

Chapter Leader Idaho

Myra Khan is a Sophomore at Highland High school in Pocatello, ID, and Idaho Chapter Leader. she likes to sketch/paint, and educate herself on important topics in her free time. She is very passionate about woman’s reproductive rights, climate change, and immigration right/laws.

Tati Streidl

Chapter Leader Texas

Tatiana (Tati) Streidl is the chapter leader for YAS Texas and is based on Frisco, Texas. She is 17 and starting her senior year at Stanford Online High School. Outside of school she loves rock climbing, painting, and taking an active part in online activism where she is passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, Black Lives Matter, and immigration rights. She couldn't be more excited to lead the new Texas chapter of Youth Activism Society!


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